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Hi. Welcome to SnipURL Help

Please follow these steps to find help on this site:

  1. 1 Read the FAQ

    The most common questions are probably already answered in the SnipURL FAQ. Please read it [opens in new window]

  2. 2 Search

    If the FAQ doesn't answer your question, please use our search, which will rummage through our website and our forums. Hopefully, someone has already had the same problem before and we have already answered it.

    [e.g., shortcut doesn't work »]

  3. 3 Ask a Question

    If the search above doesn't help either, you can scan through our online forum plus mailing list. We check it regularly, but some of our users are very active as well.

    Ask a question | Read questions
  4. 4 Finally, Email Us Directly

    If none of the above options have satisfied your needs and wants, or if you absolutely do not wish to register on the Gmail mailing list/form, then sure, as the absolutely last resort, you can also reach us at:

    editor {at} snipurl {dot} com.

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