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Default Snipurl Settings: All Optional

All these settings are optional and meant only for snipping convenience.

All these are equally fast, but you may need to login on the site you select. This has to do with how browsers work. When you have chosen your preference, please drag the [Snip!] bookmarklet to your browser again.

Enter a code, no more than 6 letters. We will automatically add this to your snipping so others cannot guess your snipurls. For example, if your code is CODE, then instead of [] -- which anyone can guess -- your snips will look like []. This is useful if you want to snip some sites but do not want to reveal to others.

If enabled, this will automatically copy your snipped URL from the [Snip!] bookmarklet popup window.

Change this from something other than zero ONLY IF you have selected YES in the option above. This is the number of seconds your snipurl popup shortcut window will remain open after auto-copying. Leaving it as 0 means the window will not auto-close.

To protect against phishing, we have added a feature where the long URL to which your snipurl points is shown after the snipurl itself. For example: [www_longurl_com]
If you wish, you can disable this feature here. When set to NO, only the snipurl will be copied, as always.

This will copy the page title - useful for some people. If you use something like Twitter and wish only to copy the snipped URL to save space, then set this value to "No".

This is optional, only if you wish to subscribe to our weekly newsletter that brings you some fun, useful, or just plain interesting snippings in your inbox every Saturday or so. We will send you a confirmation to the email address you provide here, and subscribe you only if you confirm your email address. Of course, you can unsubscribe anytime.

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